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AFP Central Ontario Commitment to Transparency in Job Postings

AFP Central Ontario is joining AFP Global to promote gender and racial pay equity. To this end, we require salary ranges to be included for all new positions posted on the AFP Central Ontario Job Board.

We understand that this might be a significant change for some organizations. However, we strongly believe that this is an important shift in increasing equity, inclusion and fairness in the fundraising profession.

Here are some of the reasons we are making this change:
First, not including the salary range in a job posting reinforces the salary gaps we see in the fundraising profession and more generally in society based on gender, race, and other factors. Studies show that women and people of colour often experience significant disadvantages during salary negotiations. Requiring salary ranges promotes equity in the fundraising profession.

Second, research shows that jobs that include salary ranges attract 30% more attention amongst job candidates. . Salary ranges set clear compensation expectations for both the applicant and hiring organization from the beginning, ensuring that all parties are negotiating a position that meets their financial or budgetary needs.

Finally, this change is all about encouraging transparency. We insist on transparency in our relationships between donors and our organizations; this is why transparency is a key principle of the AFP Code of Ethical Standards. We should encourage no less from our organizations when undertaking the hiring of professionals to the fundraising sector.

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